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MArch sets new standards in both ease-of-use and power for high-end finite element programs.

Whether you have created finite element meshes for masonry arch bridges before and want a powerful tool to analyse it in your work, or if you have always wanted to assess the load carrying capacities of masonry arch bridges but have been put off by the cost and complexity of other high-end FE packages, then MArch is for  
This program will allow you to analyse masonry arch bridges quickly, accurately and easily. Striving for good productivity within a project can be frustrating, but this program has the potential to make an enormous improvement in performance.

If you have experimented with other FE software in the past and have found them to be costly and complex you will know that powerful and easy-to-use finite element software is hard to come by - but MArch from AFE Software has changed all that!

MArch provides:

- A quick and easy way to assess masonry arch bridges with confidence.
- Interactive mesh generator for standard arch geometry or user defined shapes,
- Vehicle loading can be assigned as separate load cases or in combinations,
- Soil/structure interaction,
- Powerful facilities for cracking, geometric and material non-linear problems,
- Arch ring defects: initial cracks and ring separations,
- Reinforcements for strengthening,