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Case study: Bridgemill Test

A stone masonry arch bridge was loaded at its quarter span to collapse in 1985 (Test on Stone Masonry Arch at Bridgemill-Girvan, TRRL Contractor Report 7). The bridge was in good condition. The shape of the arch was very close to parabolic. Its span was 18.29 m, rise was 2.84 m and the uniform thickness of the arch ring was 0.711 m.

The generation of a 50x4 element mesh in the arch ring after input above information in an editing table is almost immediately. Loads and material properties can also be edited using tables.

After analysis, all the results are available for viewing on screen, including animated propagation of cracks and deformations, graphs of load-deflection curve, stresses and  principal stresses.
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Mesh can be generated by using this very simple list.